So you're a north coast local! So great that you want to join us. 
We have made a ticket price just for you! We know you don't want to have to pay sydney transport prices. But your ticket price will include EVERYTHING for the amount of time you'd like to spend with us! That means food, project transport, activities, and other expenses. 

You have a few options:

Join us for the day and be picked up in the eve to sleep in your own bed! Great! Buy a day ticket!

OR camp with us for the week! Purchase a full time ticket. 

For you also, each night our main meeting of worship, teaching and prayer, is OPEN for ANYONE to join us. Invite your church, your rents, your mates, anyone is welcome to join us for the service. 

7pm each night (23-27th April) 
Coffs harbour christan community school (secondary)
226 Bonville station road, Bonville, NSW.

Our volunteers will be there to greet you and show you the way! 
no need to register. 


Here is a brochure for you! Feel free to pass onto your church, school, and mates!