At Soul Survivor we love..

Helping youth and young adults, to develop as disciples of Jesus on the road, in Word, Spirit and Action.
Throughout the year we train, equip and inspire young people with Soul.teams, workshops, coffees, our April conferences, YA re:treat, CalledtoLead,, Flourish, and many other events.
Our values are relationship with God, one another and this world that He loves. We hope you are encouraged by what you read here.

Director of Ministry

It’s been a joy this year for us to celebrate being 16 years old.

I’ve really enjoyed seeing, through our past videos and photos, those who have served with us and those serving now. To see their development with God is such a deep encouragement.

Now as we look forward into the coming years, I am very motivated to see us help this next generation in sharing the Gospel across Australia. Over the years in Soul Survivor we have sent many teams on the road and it’s this experience of going and helping others, that we love to lead. I would love the future comment about Soul Survivor to be – “have you gone on the road with Soul yet to help another group, another town?” And so we have a future idea to share with you

- We would love to see in April 2018, 25 mini busses each with 25 young people inside, who both know Jesus and don’t know Him yet, to go on an exciting missional road trip to the mid-north coast of NSW for the April Conferences.

 I’m excited!

So this means that our next 20 months are very important in building a mission trip like this, that could change many lives. We would love for you to be a part in it.
Let’s do this!



More than a Song 2016- With Anna Couston
What was the heart behind ‘More than a Song’ 2016?

Soul Survivor conference this year was themed More than a Song. This theme explored what it means to truly worship God. We tracked the life of King David - a true worshipper. This year we wanted to express the theme in all aspects of the conference, including the program. We had extended times of worship, equipping seminars but also we didn’t want to drop the shovel of serving in the name of Jesus, through our projects. 

What do you find encouraging/challenging about conference?
Conference is not only the peak of my work calendar, but also a time I am personally encouraged. The sheer impact of having hundreds of youth together in one room is an amazing environment to be a part of.  I love seeing young people encounter Jesus through all aspects of the conference. 

What was some of the fruit that came from conference?
Soul Conference really cements what has been taught in youth groups and churches. All people involved in conference whether you are a teenager, youth leader, parent, team volunteer or staff, have an experience with the Lord that is impactful and maybe even a critical turning point. 

Soul.TeamsWith Matt Gelding
What is the purpose of Soul.Teams?
We take soul.teams on the road to build relationship with groups and personally encourage them where in where they are at in ministry and to bring relief for groups that have low resources.

New groups we have visited include:

  • Ettalong Baptist
  • Yarrabah, QLD
  • Baulkham Hills Baptist
  • Gouburn Anglican
  • Pathways community Church

It’s such an honor to serve the local church where their teams dont get a break. Its also a real opportunity for our members to grow in their gifts.


Called to Lead With Tanya Deane Ives

What’s the heart behind Calledtolead?
Calledtolead is Soul Survivor’s leadership development program. It is one way in which Soul Survivor intentionally trains and empowers young leaders. Our desire is to see more young people passionate about pursuing the Lord with all their heart, growing in a greater understanding of God and His Word. 

What have been some things that God has been doing in the interns?
God has been challenging, inspiring and teaching the interns through the many leaders who run seminars for them each week. The vibrant discussions they’ve had around the different learning areas have been invaluable, providing relevant application for their own ministry and leadership contexts.
God has been growing them in confidence in many ways, particularly in regards to their own faith and leading others.  

What are some highlights from 2016?
The biggest highlight of the Calledtolead year is undoubtedly the Soul Survivor April conference. For the interns, it’s an intense week of serving on team, learning to serve alongside others, seeing God at work in people, stepping out in praying for others, and building new friendships.
Going on Soul.Teams has also been a highlight, with interns getting to know and learn about different churches, and join with the team in serving the people there.

What are you looking forward to coming up in 2017?
Our current Calledtolead interns finish up in early December, and then Calledtolead 2017 will kick off in February.  This will be our 7th year of
 running Calledtolead and I’m looking forward to meeting another group of young leaders and seeing what God does in and through their lives over the course of the year.


YA re:treat –  With Anna Couston

What is the purpose of the re:treat weekend?
Young Adults retreat is a weekend in August where 120 of us head off to the Southern Highlands. It is a weekend where young adults from over 30 churches gather together for fellowship, worship, teaching and retreating. The purpose of the weekend is to take a step out of busy life and have some ‘Me+God’ time.  

Why do you think it is important to make space to re:treat with the Lord?
Life is so full. There are often things to be done and people to see that sometimes God seems to fall to the bottom of the priority list, not intentionally, but just accidentally. Going away on a retreat with people at a similar stage in life is a great way to eliminate some of those other options and bring God back up to the top of the list. 

What do you think people took away from the weekend?
I think people were refreshed. They were inspired and encouraged to continue in their walk with God. The theme for this year was “Tips for God’s Journey” with the intention to have people a little further down the road to speak encouragement and wisdom from their journey. This was something that really helped some of our young adults gain perspective for where they are at the moment and some of the challenges they are facing. 

Soul.World With Chris Nalder

What is Soul.World?
Soul.World is a partnership between Soul Survivor and World Vision which seeks to practically love and serve the poor.
Since the partnership started with World Vision in 2009, we have seen over 115 children sponsored within the Umzimkhulu Area Development Program (ADP) in South Africa. We have supported local churches and young people who participated in the 40 Hour Famine, and we are exploring new ways to engage with justice in our world.

What has been your highlight of being involved with Soul.World?
In 2011, I was invited on a short term mission trip with Soul.World. We went to South Africa and Mozambique, and were able to spend time in Umzimkhulu with the World Vision staff and sponsor children. I have had the opportunity to travel there 3 times since then, and meet my sponsor child, Seluleko, each time. Through these visits I’ve been impacted by the amount of poverty I have seen, but encouraged by the work that World Vision is doing over there. It has reminded me that when Jesus calls us to care about the poor and about those living in poverty, it is not an impossible task. We can do something. 

We’re hoping to build up a community of like minded people who will be the ‘face’ of in local churches. People who will keep their church up to date with opportunities to get involved with justice projects, pray for the world, and be supported through the help of us here at Soul Survivor

FlourishWith Emma Bollom

What is the heart behind flourish?
Flourish was birthed out of a desire to see women join together from different churches, to be equipped and encouraged in their walk with Jesus. Our heart is to see women empowered by the Holy Spirit and guided by His word, ministering passionately in their spheres of influence, and to each other. We want Flourish to be a ministry where we equip women through gathering together, providing resources and networking opportunities. 

What is the theme for Flourish 2016?
This year our theme is “Make His Love Visible”. As our team came together and prayed through the theme for this year, we were led to reflect upon outward expressions of faith, and to Matthew 5:16, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven”. We believe that each woman has been positioned for influence, and through the Spirit, can make His love visible in their various contexts and environments. We want our gathering this year to be a time where we can receive fom God and be changed by His Spirit, so that we can fulfil this wonderful call on our lives! 

Soul Survivor ACT
Our Deb has informed us of her resignation from Soul Survivor to pursue alternate ministry employment in Canberra. In her 8 years with Soul Survivor she has helped us to worship God, pioneered calledtolead in Sydney, led us in serving the community, planted Soul Survivor in ACT & the Regions with Soul Teams,  April ConferenceCombined Nightsworkshops and PreachingTHANK YOU DEB for ALL that you have given! We send you with our prayers and blessings for your future.
Matt will now be visiting the ACT Soul team and community over the coming months as they prepare for April 2017 conference. 



Anna Couston
- Conference Coordinator
From booking the big stuff to making sure you get your name tag, Anna looks after our April conferences and Young Adults re:treat. Anna is passionate about discipling others and seeing God work in people’s hearts. She doesn't miss a beat and is super excited about the upcoming conferences

Tanya Deane Ives
- CalledtoLead Coordinator
Tanya has been with us for 10 years and is running our calledtoLead internship. Tanya sets up everything in the year for our interns, organising equipping seminars, and training them with growth tools for life with Jesus in leadership. Tanya is passionate about spiritual development and is a pastor at Ruach.

Jordan Gallagher
- BCA Partnership
Jordan has stepped into a new role as a youth ambassador for Bush Church Aid, and playing a major role in organising and speaking on soul.teams. She’s passionate about social justice and has an extremely contagious smile

Peta Bilton
- Communications
Peta is with us one day a week and helps us out with making sure you are in the loop with what’s happing in the land of Soul. Peta is passionate about people and is all about community. She helps on soul.teams and loves a good road trip. 

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