During the afternoons, bus-loads will head out to a variety of projects and ministries to be inspired and serve the practical needs there.  Our heart behind this si that we  would be able to serve the needs of the local area, and be hte hands and feet of Jesus! 

There are a plethora of projects that we are able to serve at, and you will get to go to most of them! 

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In yamba we will have the chance to hear an amazing story about a house boat that is a church! Its a church sailing up and down the river claranece to spead the gospel with those who otherwise wouldnt have the chance to hear it. the CHURCH ON THE CLARENCE is how we will be getting to Iluka to serve there!

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A very low socio economic area, we will be serving in the local primary school, along side 'mens shed' to give gifts to the children, and also build some brand new gardens for them to enjoy!

More about Iluka primary here


After you've spent some time with the Church On The Clarence, you'll pop down to Maclean! A fantastic scottish town in need of a lick of paint. The local church op-shop services a great need in the area, but it hasn't had a paint in decades. So, we are going to help this golden oldie look GREAT again! 

More about the parish


Otherwise known as Whoopi! 4 seperate schools are in need of a hand! The principles are beside themselves that YOU are going to serve them. 

This is the parish we are working with, who do all the scripture teaching in these schools!


You're going to spend a day simply experiencing Coffs! Go see the big banana, some awesome lookouts and just have a ball.

When you aren't doing this however, we are going to build an A grade frisbee golf course in the award winning Coffs harbour botanical gardens with our friends from YWAM Coffs harbour. It will bless the youth in coffs with an awesome activity to do in their spare time, as well as attracting more people to the gardens. 

Check out what YWAM Coffs are up too, and the Botanical gardens!


JP and his wife started the community over 40 years ago, nestled below the mountain ridges of Coffs harbour to help those who want to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. We are so excited to be in this amazing place to serve the community which includes a school for kids, 40 rooms for those that need it, community dinners, a dining hall and a great fire pit. We will be serving them with maintenance and building! 

Check out more about Sherwood's heart here!