Conference 2018

How did it go?

In April of 2018, 250 teenagers paid their way to jump on a coach, head to set up camp in Coffs Harbour, and serve communities such as Yamba, Maclean, Iluka, Woolgoolga, Sherwood cliffs and the local Coffs area. They served, worshiped Jesus morning and night, had a fantastic time in out pumping venues such as cafe, arcadia and 'the pool' and most importantly, grew on their journey with Jesus.


quote "in your own backyard you should be courageous in everyday life, school, home, weekends and every little thing. God is pushing you with all his love into doing courageous things" 

quote "I need to listen to what God is telling me to do and trust Him, follow Him with what He wants me to do"

quote " I need to be courageous with stopping to blend into the crowd and come out to my friends about christianity and Jesus in my life"

We are SO pleased that:
* people stood up for the first time to follow Jesus
* they all served the community with joy, giving a great witness of Jesus' grace
* the theme of "be courageous" hit home from the book of Joshua
* disciples of Jesus have expanded their network, their experience of the gospel and returned home equipped and encouraged to worship GOD in Word, Spirit & Action. 

We are all TOTALLY grateful, thankful and inspired.