Spring Newsletter 2017



We would love to start with thanks to GOD for 2017 so far! He continues to build special moments for us all that reveal His deep love and mercy. Praise Him!
This Spring Newsletter is our opportunity to encourage you with seeing what your journey with us accomplishes in Christ.

 Each team leader has chosen a picture that resembles the fruit of our work in the Lord together. We hope this encourages you.

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Matt - Soul Survivor

My special spring moment that I’d love to share is this photo which resembles, for me, when young people have heard and experienced the Lord Jesus and given their lives to him. This is from our conference with Soul Survivor ACT in Goulburn, and also when we were at Sydney, when young people gave their lives. That’s my special spring moment, thank you for supporting this to enable that.

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Brayden - soul.teams

My special moment that I’d like to share with you all this spring, is something that happened this year in 2017, when we took a soul team down to Wollongong, to a church called Figtree. IT was just a wonderful example of how far soul.teams can go and how many churches we can reach. I’m excited to see this coming year ahead, what soul.teams are going to do as we grow as a team and as we are able to build more relationships with more churches and bless and serve them as they bless and serve us.

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Anna - soul.conference

SYD – The special moment I’d like to share with you this spring is this moment from our Soul Survivor youth conference in April.  I love this photo because it shows some of the quieter times during the conference. When two or three friends can gather, and share about what God has done during the week. I really love that because it’s a time when we can really hear what is happening in young people’s lives. What’s happening in young peoples lived and what changes they are going to make going forward.

 Another special moment I would like to share with you this spring is from our ACT Soul Survivor youth conference in April. I’ve chosen this photo because it represents the whole community coming together over a special meal. I love being able to create times where people can gather and share stories of what God was doing in their lives during that week. Gathering the community at Liminis House was such a special time to see and be inspired by their ministry.

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Jordan - the.roadie

 The moment that I’d love to share with you is just after we’d visited a drug and alcohol rehab center, that was run by a guy called John, in Sherwood cliffs. All out kids were so inspired, got on the bus and they were really praying very passionately that God would just take their life and use it for whatever it was that he had purposed it for and that they would step out in faith, trust him and take risks for Jesus. And just none of their life would be held onto but that they would just be able to sacrifice it all and hand it right over. So that was definitely a highlight for me. A moment of peace that God was in it and that it was Gods ministry and what we’re just doing is making way for God to have is way and have his work done in the lives of those young people.

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Tanya - calledtolead

The special moment that I would like to share with you this Spring is a picture of our Soul Survivor interns on their first day of CalledtoLead, back in February actually. Essentially to me, this picture reminds me of how far Beth, Bridie and Luke have come this year and as always for me it is such a Joy to see God at work in them and through them during their CalledtoLead year. He’s always stretching them, teaching them, He’s showing them more of his Character, more of who he is, and more of his heart. And we still have a few months left of called to lead this year and I’m looking forward to see what God has in store for them.

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Anna - young adults re:treat

A special moment I’d like to share with you this spring is from our young adults retreat. This photo represents a time in our program where each person spent time alone with God. It was a time to reflect and really listen to what God was saying. People really found it valuable because it’s something they don’t get enough of in their busy worlds. Young adults re:treat is a really special time with so many people from different churches gathering in the one place.

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Chris - soul.justice

The special moment that I’d like to share with you is from conference this year. We were able to celebrate 7 years partnering with World Vision helping to support families and communities in Umzimkhulu in South Africa. We’re really excited for what the future holds for us here at soul.justice. We’re excited to continue the journey of justice alongside you guys as churches.

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Emma - flourish. 

The special moment I would like to share with you from our flourish ministry this year is one of our team meeting where we’ve had 6 new girls join our team and together we have been planning flourish 2017when we have our October gathering together. As we have been sitting and Praying together as a team one of the thing we have felt Jesus put on our heart is for our gathering this year is this idea of Jesus invitation for us to come with him, and also that invitation that we get to extend to others in this discipleship journey.

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Peta - soul.connections

The special moment that I would love to share with you this spring, is this special moment from our ACT conference where we shared a meal together and build family and relationship together. I love this because with soul connections we have really been focusing on inputting into each other and growing relationship and building family in Word, Spirit and action.

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Andrew - soul.yarrie

Jesus went from town to town, village to village as you can see. One of the things at Soul Survivor that we love is going to all the places of Australia. We have a special relationship with Yarrabah in north Queensland. There was one afternoon in March when a group of us were there with Mum Jay and a bunch of friends, and young adults and youth and we were swimming in one of their water holes, jumping off the rocks and swimming around. This moment for me was just so special. Just to be still before God, learning and spending time together. That’s my special moment for the year.

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What’s coming up? 

  • calledtolead is about to enter into its final term and they have a BIG term ahead!
  • soul teams include: the Gong, Northside Community, Berowra, Epping & Western NSW
  • Flourish in late OCT is looking fantastic - "Come with me" - encouraging discipleship 
  • April 2018 planning for Canberra and the NSW Road Trip is ON
  • Spring appeal is in prayer and planning
  • The roadie is planned for the school holidays
  • We have 18 people going on our soul.yarrie trip in november.
  • Soul justice celebrating a fantastic season with World Vision
  • Lots of visiting leaders with coffee listening and prayers
  • Spring Appeal 2017 is in prayer and planning

Thank you for being in this adventure with us, we cannot do this without your partnership. Thank you!


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