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You might be asking yourself 'What were those new songs we sang during soul.conference? How can I listen to those new tracks?' So.... we wanted to share with you a list of some of the newer songs we did so you could use them in your own groups. Also, we'd love to share with you two homegrown songs that you can download demo audio and chord charts.

Saturday afternoon brought a final bunch of seminars, then it was time to shake out sleeping bags, unearth lost socks from dark corners of our tents and squeeze slightly grubbied clothes into already swelling duffel bags.

 If you looked in the window during Friday night’s Main Meeting you would have seen a see a sea of zebras, dinosaurs. bunnies, giraffes and homies. Yes, it was ONESIES and HOMIES night! 

#fortheonsie to come homie.


SOULINTHEBUSH | 14–18 April 2015

'camping in the capital, reaching to the regions'

soul.conference in 2015 is all about 'going out' to serve. This is a 5 day conference of word, spirit and action. During the day serving alongside rural regions as teams through practical projects. Evenings camping tougher in the capital for worship, teaching and ministry.