For the one...

We spend out time on the road, building relationships and supporting you and your group of young people. We would love to connect with you and support your team and your youth with workshops that encourage them in Jesus, have coffee and mentor your leaders and extend the invitation to join us on the road. 

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How it works…

It starts with coffee. Why? We want to support and put in resources and energy into what God is already doing in your congregation and church. This looks different for everyone.

Maybe, you youth needs some help in understanding serving. We can help by running a project day in your area.
Maybe, your band needs a push in worship or musicianship! We can run a workshop or 2, or work with you over a term to help bring back energy.
Maybe, your Sunday congregation or your youth would like something fresh and some encouragement. We can bring a to you. A band, a sermon and prayer ministry.
Maybe, your youth leaders need a boost in a certain area. We’d love to help you with this too!

These are just some of the ways we’d love to support you. we’d love to know how you’re going!