Sleeping arrangements will consist of the option of sleeping in a classroom or in a tent. Both of these options are segregated by gender and will be located in youth groups.

If your youth group has chosen to camp, you will need to organise and bring a tent with you. As we will be travelling in buses with limited space, we would love to try and bring the minimum amount of tents necessary. Please talk with your youth leader who will be overseeing this.

All other facilities will be provided such as toilets and showers at the school.


All meals will be provided and catered for throughout the week. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. There will also be a café where snacks and drinks will be available for purchase, so some spending money might be a good idea for a treat along the way. For those who get the munchies, do feel free to pack some snacks - but please no nuts! 🐒

The best way to make friends is by having food to share…so keep that in mind for those long bus trips. snacks.snacks.snacks.snacks