- Northridge Vineyard

Northridge Vineyard Youth- 14/02/14

For the first for the 2014 interns the team headed to Northridge Vineyard to hang out with their youth. The team ran the games and shared what we're looking forward to in April - FOR THE ONE soul.conference.

I loved how energetic and switched on the kids were, and how willing they were to talk to complete strangers! I am pray that the new kids that are going along there would really get a grasp of God’s love and feel welcomed into the Christian environment.
— Jael - 2014 Intern
I really feel like after going there, I want to try and actively engage with people who I dont know as far as trying to show Gods love. I liked the energy and enthusiasm of all the people who came and just the way they were so happy on the night. We can pray for the kids and their commitment to youth group but also for the leaders with supporting the kids on a deeper level.
— Jonny - 2014 Intern

We look forward to catching up with you at FOR THE ONE Northridge!