FOR THE ONE // POST 1 // Tues-Wed

Soul Survivor has begun.

We arrived on Tuesday and pitched our tents, our eyes darting around sussing out the new faces that will be our temporary community for the week. We rolled out our sleeping bags, collected our passes and programs and pitched our expectations high for what God will do over the coming days. What will happen this week as we seek to live #fortheone?

We stepped into our first Main Meeting – what’s with the stage?? We’re in the round and it’s cool, it’s different, it’s shaped like a cross and the leaders are getting the hang of rotating around and talking to everyone.

Suzie King started us off thinking about the ‘one’ who has saved us: we come to worship BECAUSE of the one, FOR the one and WITH the one. We heard some of Jack Vidgen’s story (you know; the guy who won Australia’s Got Talent a couple of years ago) and worshipped through song including a new song by Deb Stanley: ‘You are the Rock’.

Matt Gelding preached it up about Luke 19:1-10 where Jesus meets Zacchaeus and transforms his life. We let it sink in that Jesus comes to us, He knows us by name, He changes us and He calls us son or daughter.

After the Main Meeting we chilled at the café listening to Chris Smart play some great tunes and enjoying ethical coffee and delectable brownies. Until the fire alarm started and we had to relocate, but never mind! Others watched ‘Cool Runnings’ in cinema, gamed it up in the Gamer’s Lounge and chillaxed in The Vine.

Wednesday morning we woke bleary eyed but excited for the day. PANCAKES. Then at the Main Meeting we sung a new song: ‘You are Faithful’ by Ally Connaghan. Tom French took us through the parables of the Lost Sheep and Lost Coin. Take home message: We need to repent and rejoice because God is doing big things! We also heard from ‘Dancing Tom’ (another Australia’s Got Talent alumni, #saltyrain) about his life and how he came to dance so wholeheartedly for Jesus.

Now we’re off to Bidwell in the western suburbs to serve a school by doing landscaping, cleaning and repairing work. This is what it looks like to live #fortheone!