MC Hammer

Hosting ( MC Hammer) 

 A. What do we need to think about:

1. WHO is this all about?
- “Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus” - WHO we are representing?
-  think about WHO we are promoting, whose platform are we building up?
  Eg: social media and me – am I trying to become great?
 So let’s make this about Jesus and helping His people follow Him

2. Our hearts- WHY am I doing this?
- the best option is a servant hearted one and an interest in leading meetings well
- a bad option is the desire to be a stand up comedian or a mini preacher
- do be honest about the WHY
- if we have started out with a ‘not so great’ WHY.. welcome to the club, but admit it and move on towards a better motivation so that you can grow and have a servant attitude

3. WHAT does an MC need to know?
A clear purpose of this meeting:
- its values – what is important to this meeting? ( fun, deep, newcomers )If you don’t know- ASK your leader
- its timing- how long should the different parts have? What is the start and end time.
- its age range- WHO are we pitching at ( this affects how we host- EXCITED or chiiled )
- how this meeting fits into the overall picture of the ministry
- whose in charge? Who makes the call about HOW to finish the meeting or changing up the run sheet?- if you don’t know – ASK.

4. What SKILLS should an MC have?
- character is not a skill BUT you will need the character you want to exemplify to your group
- intuitive- able to read the group dynamic ( if its getting boring- they step in and change it )
- brave, risk-taker
- humorous
- theology ( it comes through when you pray and talk )
- time keeper skills – keeping things moving- might have to cut stuff out
- self awareness – you know when you have spoken too long or short
- relational skills – you love people!

5. Working with the ‘overall’ leader
- a good working relationship with the Leader of this group
- inviting a de-brief and growing attitude to this role - ( its time to get the QUALITY up )

6. Temperature of warm community
- you set HOW warm (friendly) this meeting will be and a lot of this has to do with WHO you are ( are you a warm person? Could you become warmer? )
- are you chatting with the community before and after OR are you hard to find or sitting in the corner on your phone?
Get the community warm by warming them up- with ice breakers or food 

B. Growing in discerning the lead of the Spirit

Preface: It’s all about relationship . When we say we want to be Spirit led- we are we are talking about living and leading in conversation with the Lord. So…

 1. Lets talk about preparation in the Spirit
- prayer : listening and talking to God
- reading the Bible and asking for revelation – Eph 1 v 18
- conversation with our leader, teams and community- asking them what they are discerning with God and seeing if we are on the same page
- drawing up the plan for the gathering and getting into peoples hands

 2. Lets talk about leading in the moment with the Spirit
- follow the plan (preparation)
- ask the Lord during the meeting- how we travelling- is this current moment working?
* remember some meetings need time to heat up so chopping back too early can be a disaster
- be pastoral – help people be on same page – don’t over explain , just be clear
- when the plan isn’t working- change it – as much in consultation as you can
- stick to time or at least allow people to leave on time

 3. Lets talk about leading prayer ministry
- how have you as a group decided is the ‘normal’ way you will lead this
* eg: people come to front, people stand up where they are sitting, to the side.. etc..
- how you communicate what prayer ministry is each time is crucial to making it a value
- introduce this part of the service with confidence and be normal ( ie: don’t get all super spiro now)
- lead it confidently and encourage people as they respond
- lead the people praying and give everyone else something to do
- wrap up strong

 4. Lets talk about de briefing- we are looking for the saying- it seemed right unto the Spirit and to us. Acts 15:28
- when we say we thought God wanted to do that and our leader disagrees.. we must be open to being wrong at the time and that’s ok- we are ALL learning
- be simple about the de-brief- 3 things went well and just 1 or 2 things to grow in 

C. What do we want to improve on? Some examples..
- leading a group towards God’s agenda
- being in sync with the dynamic- can the group meetings ALWAYS be on a HIGH?
- becoming more at ease, concise, warm/ friendly, punctual, prayerful, brave
- practicing prophesy and words of knowledge
- working as a team- knowing our collective journey ahead and GOING for it