Walking with God

It might be of a surprise to you, however I am a daydreamer. 

By daydreamer, I mean I am one who can get quickly caught up in a thought. A thought that can rapidly wander and change from something as simple as what I had for breakfast, to the cereal supply chain to the day’s weather and the instantly jump back to how the human IQ is calculated...  Bit strange, I know...

But sometimes God uses my daydreaming. Sometimes he shows me stories. Sometimes he teaches me lessons or sometimes he uses the everyday to speak truth into my heart. 

The image I get when God and I sit together and dream about His Kingdom on earth is a little like having a cup of tea with a friend. We dream of a just world. We dream of the things He wants to do and then more often than not, He asks me to go out there, to stay the path, to remain in him and lay down the desires of my heart. 

One weekend a few years ago, my lovely boyfriend at the time (now husband)  and I decided that we would do a big day hike. The hike was from the bottom of a dam, on the outskirts of Canberra, to the tallest peak in the ACT. 

And to make this all the more exciting, we decided to do this in the middle of winter. Because being a Sydney gal, anytime there’s an opportunity to see snow - you definitely take it. 

Preparing for this hike, I can vouch that the thing that I packed the most was my excitement and I had essentially NO IDEA what was ahead. My only expectation was that there would some uphill moments, and at some stage we would get to the top. Which really means taking a sweet insta pic... becuase that’s what its all about... am I right?!?!

Long story short, the hike was all well and good. It was heaps further than I thought, and we did see a little snow, BUT essentially the reason in me telling you this story is that during our walk, I was daydreaming with God. 

God used my daydreaming to remind me of a what it is like walking with him. And I thought that I would share with you the three things he spoke to me about and where it happened on the hike. You might think they are a bit dorky, but I hope that they will be encouraging or of some comfort to the part of the journey you are on. 

they go like this...

1. During your life there will be times of rapid growth. However, during this time, you will also bear the growing pain that comes with it. *(This was right at the start of the walk, the 1km dirt wall ascent. #burnbabyburn)

I’ve found there are times in life where there is big change. It could be change in life circumstance or a change thats needed to restore and heal our hearts. Whatever it is, it generally comes with some degree of pain. I’ve had a few of these and know you’ve probably had a few yourself.

2. During your life there will be times walking on the ridge. It is here you just need to keep going and make ground. *(This happened quite a few times. It happened after a quick ascent where it was time to recover and rest. However, after a long while on the ridge it was easy to think it wasn’t going to end. It would be easy to turn around. But it was at this time to enjoy the path and get ready for the next ascent.)

I find these are the moments that are most frequent in my life. Its those moments that feel mundane. Where things are running in motion and it can feel like God is distant. But this time can be some of the most foundational moments where God wants us to lean in.  He is moving more than we know and He is preparing us for what is to come. 

3. During your life there will be times of reaching the peak – it’s here He wants to show you His faithfulness. (This happened when we reached the top of the mountain)  

Its the peak moments in life where I find God shows us how we couldn’t have done the journey without Him. He shows us parts of the journey where we think He was distant or wasn’t there (but really was). He displays his beauty and wonder. I find these moments are most common when there has been abreakthrough in a season or a step in a dream or vision he’s placed in my heart. 

So, what part of the hike are you on? Do you need to let God into your everyday dreaming and allow him to show or reveal something to you?

I know I do.

So lean in. Daydream with God. Listen to what he has to say to you today.