The Bread

Grab a cupper, take a pen and paper, and a prayerful heart.

Before we start, answer these:

What has God shown you of his character over January? 

How is your spirit? -  What is it yearning for? What parts of the garden need watering?

Be sincere and honest with yourself and God. Listen to what He is yearning to do in you.


Over January, I’ve been enjoying delving further into the Words that God has given me for this year. Firstly, ‘the handiwork of the secret place’; the mystery of Him and the amazing privilege we have of being able to be in communion with Him, behind closed doors (Eph 2:10, Matt 6:6).  For me also, the challenge to grow in loving others better (I’m not even going to begin referencing the plethora of reminders of this in His Word).  Over the short journey of the past couple of weeks, there are two things, which I think, are intertwined that God has placed in my heart.

The first one I am always working on. My pride. I truly struggle with my ego, in many things. Whether it’s having my ‘life together’, my Instagram, my morals, and the list goes on. And the second although seemingly unrelated, is to be humbly asking God for daily bread.

“Give us this day our daily Bread.” (Matt 6:11) This one-lined petition of the Lord’s Prayer is one of outstanding depth. Throughout the Bible, Manna, or bread is a symbol of (and sometimes literally) provision. When I think of provision, I’m likely to associate this with my bank account. But this is both physical and spiritual provision. The bread of Life (John 6:48).

God invites us to come to Him EVERY single day to humbly and specifically ASK Him for our spiritual and physical sustenance, for THAT day.

Why only for that day? And why do we need to ask every day?

The awesome thing about God is that He is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. If God provided for me yesterday, if He taught me something yesterday, if He spoke to me yesterday, there is not doubt in my mind that He will do the same today. But I don’t need to worry about tomorrow yet, as it says in Matt 6:34 “Therefore, no not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own”.  I only need to worry about today. So, I am seeking Him for today. And He will provide. Every day, for the whole of our lives. The bread of life. We are miraculously and wholly fed every day. God is the real breadwinner of this Life, and we can’t trust anyone more.

For sure, faith is needed to be present today, and humility in seeking God for today, and not tomorrow or next week. But that is such a special point of growth and development in our relationship with God, and if we’re practising it every day, I do not doubt that the discipline that we create righteousness within all of us (Heb 12:10-11).


I’d like to point out that there are days where I feel like God didn’t provide my daily bread. I come home at midnight, entirely exhausted, having tried to stay positive during my day, yet my spirit feels drained. I realised this recently. Despite how I think or feel, God did and does provide my daily bread. He provided Manna to Israel despite their disobedience, and often the whining (probably what I do when I don’t feel like God provided my daily bread too right?). Jesus broke bread on the night He was betrayed, and said: “do this in remembrance of me.” Jesus, our Lord and saviour, whose body was about to go through the most excruciating process, remembered the real bread of life. Bread represents His body. Christ dwells within us, and we can walk according to His example every day. This is such a challenge for me, and an element of my faith that I enjoy working on. But I need to remember this, every day, and ask Him to give me my daily bread. Everyday.

Grab a pen and paper, and a humble heart:

What would you like to ask God for every day?

How would you love to see God grow and water the areas of your spiritual garden? Ask Him to give you the opportunity to develop and grow them today.

 Pray for a faith that asks for today and trusts for tomorrow, a humble heart and open eyes for his working in your life, today.