Soul Survivor Leadership Podcasts 2019

The Soul Survivor Leadership Podcast Series is all about building you up as a leader and exploring different aspects of leadership we all have to face. We hope this sparks conversations to grow as a leader today.

Note: whenever we talk about your ‘group’ we are referring to the cirlce of people God has you leading.

episode four - GROWTH

Reflection questions for conversation:


  1. What do you think is the difference between faithfulness and fruitfulness?

  2. What new models or new ideas is God possibly leading you to take?

  3. Have you looked at the level of risk in your teams and ministry for the sake of the gospel?

episode three - SHOVEL & GUITAR

Reflection questions for conversation:


  1. What are the current ways we share the message and the ministry of the gospel?

  2. What could a practical expression of the grace and love of God look like in our community?

  3. How can we balance better the love of the ‘guitar’ and the love of the ‘shovel’ in our group?

episode two - CULTURE

Reflection questions for conversation:

Take a read of Acts 2-4. 

What type of culture would you have experienced if you walked into a house church gathering?

  1. What culture would people describe they experience with my group or ministry?

  2. How much love do people experience through my discipleship or cultures of family we have created? (John 13:34-35)

  3. How am I handling any opposition or obstacles in creating a culture that reflects Heaven? (Matthew 6:10)

episode one - VISION

Reflection questions for conversation:

*if your unsure of your vision take a read of the Gospels. What do you think Jesus was trying to accomplish while on Earth?

  1. Am I finding the process of finding a vision a burden? What steps could I take to make it lighter?

  2. How am I feeling about sharing visions and ideas with my group?

  3. What does my group appreciate when it comes to sharing about visions and ideas?

More episodes to come!