Conference 2017: Developing Healthy Relationships - Keith Mitchell

This interactive workshop aims to assist you to develop your relational skills with other people. It will improve: your level of awareness, your relational dynamics, and the way that you connect with other people. By engaging in practice exercises you will be opened to pathways of healthy social skills surrounding listening and appropriate relationship dynamics, within a biblical framework.

Conference 2017: Am I called? - Graeme Anderson

What does it mean to be called into church ministry as a job or even career? How do you know that you are called? And when is the right time to respond to the calling? We will have a conversation about church community based ministry, and begin to interact with some helpful tools for discerning God's direction for a life of this kind of service.

Conference 2017: Next generation leadership - Eliane Miles

We live in a post-truth era filled with uncertainty and disruption. These waves of changeare creating renewed opportunities for the body of Christ to lead with God’s hope and empowering presence. In this session, social researcher Eliane Miles will give a overview of the shifts and present a next generation leadership response to these trends.