- Belrose

Combined Churches of Belrose - 23/02/14

The churches of Belrose joined forces to worship the Lord with a combined band. It was encouraging to see the power of churches meeting together with a genuine focus on God and what he has planned. It was an excellent example of the verse "where 2 or 3 are gathered there I am with them". Even if at first it seems awkward or strained, there is an awesome sense of community when the church bands together in unity.

Brad Thornton had a really pertinent message about dying to ourselves, about truly being born again.

In my own life I have often struggled with that intimacy with God, but I think what Brad said about submitting and searching for God, has real value when I am trying to pursue a closer relationship. I think we can pray that for these churches, who are trying to commit to becoming connected, that God would work powerfully to help them persevere in that and give them wisdom on the right way to go about it.
— Jonny - 2014 Intern