Well with 5 weeks and 4 days, the conference approaches. I am super excited.

I cannot wait to see where God takes the hearts of each person that comes along.
I have received a wave of joy in the role of conference co-ordinator, beginning a new journey with Soul Survivor this year.

I pray eyes are opened to the lost God has placed in our lives.
How lost have we been at times the past year?

I want to be like the old lady, who finds her dear old coin in Luke 15

“Rejoice with me because I have found my lost coin!”

lost coin.jpg

I want to see people praising God with joy, just like in the presence of God’s angels,
even when one sinner repents.

Who are you going to invite along?

What am I most excited for at soul.conference?

I’ve been to three conferences but never served in any role, although a jump for me, I can’t wait to answer a million questions and meet hundreds of new people!

Top 8 questions to getting to know Andrew Bollom...

1. What is your most played song on your iTunes?
Thinking Bout You – Frank Ocean

2. How did you meet Soul Survivor?
In a white tent in Castle Hill, all thanks to my wife Emma.

3. If you've got $5 what lolly assortment would you buy?
Firstly buy bulk. So save up until I have $10 or $20 a buy a tub of any Haribo, eg. Gummi bears, Fizzy Cola, Giant Strawbs and more.

4. What's your favourite characteristic about who God is at the moment and why?
His heart to redeem His people from all areas of suffering or oppression, just as he did through Moses in the Exodus story.

5. Who are your favourite people?
- Emma, my awesome wife.
- Charlie (2 year old nephew) and his sister Evie (3 weeks old).
- Eli (14 weeks old – I love babies, but don't want one... yet.)

6. If you could go to the Olympics for any sport what would you want to represent Australia doing?
110m Hurdles.

7. People describe me as...
Joyous. Excited. Sensitive. Competitive. Outrageous.

8. Embarrassing story
Despite being a self-proclaimed skiing professional, I accidentally tried to be a fourth person on a three person chairlift. Ego check.

dalton, nsw. charlie. emma and evie. frank.

dalton, nsw. charlie. emma and evie. frank.