"I'm giving up coffee..."

"WHAT?!, you CAN’T give up COFFEE!?"

has been the horrified response of most of my team.

Why would I give up coffee? Today marks the start of a season called ‘Lent’. To be honest, I’ve never done it before - but I’m going to give it a go this year.

As Soul Survivor heads into it’s busiest season of the year for our April Conference
, I’m noticing the call to focus my heart on our Lord Jesus. 

Wonderfully, the lead up to Easter happens at just before our conference. So we are going to try using the time of lent, a preparation for Easter, to prepare our hearts for the conference as well. 

It seems fitting, preparing ourselves FOR THE ONE who saved us.
Maybe it will help us as a team prepare to be intentional about counting the cost
FOR THE ONE who is missing too. 

Sacrificing something small like coffee is nothing in comparison to the ultimate cost of our Jesus on the cross. 

But as someone who spends a considerable time taking people out for coffees, this will be a challenge. If you are a youth pastor reading this, don't worry I'll still meet with you - I might just have to come up with an alternative drink!
Some of our team are giving up coffee or chocolate, others are giving away the addiction to social media on their phones, and others are giving up TV and movies! 

Each day our team is going to reflect on a passage of scripture and do a social action to combat human trafficking together. 

We are praying these next 40 days will transform our hearts as well as our habits! 

We’d love to invite you into a Facebook group that is going on this journey together.
Would you like to join us?