- Berkeley

Berkeley Life Centre: Wollongong - 23/02/14


For some people, church can simply be an add on; for many of the people in Berkley, church is a safe haven where they really need God to intervene in their lives. 

"In reflection I think its important to meet people where there at. Its sounds simple but everyone has completely different walks in their faith and when your trying to relate to others its essential that we relate to them as individuals seeking God, rather than just the next person in the church.

I loved how open the members of the church were. They were extremely honest/real with themselves and I think that made them incredibly receptive to the words that God had to say to them through Matt. " -- Jonny - 2014 Intern

"I really enjoyed learning a lot about what it means to be totally open and honest with complete strangers. I just really loved their faith and how open they were with us." -- Jael - 2014 Intern

We can pray that God continues to move powerfully in their church and that they can reach out to the many broken members of their community who simply need a saviour.