FOR THE ONE // Post 3 // Thurs-Fri

Thursday afternoon soccer comp started. The Padstowdians are ahead for the moment – will they be toppled?

 Thursday night we heard about the impact that we can have on people’s lives by sponsoring a child through World Vision. Suzie King taught us one of the names of God: El Olam – the everlasting God. Then we heard from Cam Bennett from Youth Alive Queensland. Apart from learning some bizzaro names from the bible we also learnt about how God initiates a love relationship with us. King David invited poor old Mephibosheth to not only share in his inheritance but to eat at his table always. So it is with Jesus and us!

Friday morning we woke to the ANZAC day bugle and some of the brave ones headed down the road to a community ANZAC dawn service. There are some amazing servant worshippers here this week: a group of campers were up at 6am ready to clean the toilets!

At the Main Meeting we heard about Soul Survivor’s intern program called ‘Called to Lead’. If you’re interested Click here! We then heard from Emily Hopkins as she continued to teach us about the story of the lost son in Luke 15. This morning it was about the brother who was angry and bitter about the party being held in the lost son’s honour. Talk about ‘ouch’ – some of us bravely admitted that we too can have the attitude of the older brother when it comes to celebrating the lost coming home. Will we accept the love of the father like a son or daughter? Or will we strive to gain his approval by working hard and being ‘good’? Is God our father, or our boss?

Father, or boss?

Off now to grab an ethical coffee from café and get some seminar action. ‘Til next time…