FOR THE ONE // Post 4 // Fri - Sat

 If you looked in the window during Friday night’s Main Meeting you would have seen a see a sea of zebras, dinosaurs. bunnies, giraffes and homies. Yes, it was ONESIES and HOMIES night! 

#fortheonsie to come homie.

Matt Geldo even showcased a Santa onesie.  There’s something pretty great about seeing a safari of onesies praying for each other and homies singing out their worship; oversized hats bobbing amongst comically patterned fleece.

Tim Lovell spoke on ‘story’: how God is writing our story and has been even before we knew He was. And that He wants to use our story. It’s a redemptive, creative story. And we can get impatient while it’s being written. Hey – that’s just like when Mike spoke on us getting impatient in the boring, hidden and lonely places!

Friday night we were up pretty late. Tired this morning, but it’s the last day so we need to make the most of it! In this morning’s Main Meeting Emily spoke on how we can respond to the loving father. We need to KNOW the Father, to BE LIKE the Father and DO what the Father does.

 Know, be, do. Or as Emily put it: Knowbedo.

Pack up time now, plus there’s still seminars and music in the café. What will God do in tonight’s Main Meeting? We’ll see…