FOR THE ONE // Post 5 // Saturday

Saturday afternoon brought a final bunch of seminars, then it was time to shake out sleeping bags, unearth lost socks from dark corners of our tents and squeeze slightly grubbied clothes into already swelling duffel bags.

At the Main Meeting the Yarrabah group worshipped through dance. Suzie brought home the nature of God with a mini preach on ‘Emmanuel: God with us’. If you peered in through the window at that point and saw a bunch of people standing on chairs chanting, rest assured it was not a Hills-based chair-centred cult. It was in fact just us following Miss King’s school teacher instructions to stand and say together great truths about God being with us no matter where we go! Matt Gelding then shared about what it means to live unashamedly for Jesus, even if it means not being considered ‘cool’ by others. The Holy Spirit ministered, people prayed, we worshipped, we danced, we spoke words of encouragement and shed a tear or two.

Matt, Deb and Andrew shared the vision for next year’s conference: Soul in the Bush 2015. We’re camping in the capital, and reaching to the regions! Sounds like an amazing opportunity to take a road trip and do mission together.

We’ve had a great five days of word, Spirit and action. We’ve been challenged, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve jumped around, we’ve reflected, we’ve chatted, we’ve gone deep. We’ve opened the Word and the pages around Luke 15 are now a little more crumpled.

Now it’s time to dive back into our normal, everyday, extraordinary, humdrum, chaotic lives. We go with a renewed sense of purpose and power. We go with a passion #fortheone who has saved us, and compassion #fortheone who is missing…

… and a burning desire to find a new hashtag.